Our 8 Fave Feminist Pieces You Can Get Right Now!

We have hand picked our top 10 favourite feminist pieces that you can get your hands on right now. From tees to totes and necklaces, these pieces will help you to express your feminist identity through your wardrobe and smash the stigma around the F-word!


  1. The Female Collective – Girl Power Tee

Female Collective TeeThe Female Collective, $30, Size XS to XL

We love the striking iconic print on this unisex tee, timeless and versatile, this is the perfect addition to your feminist wardrobe. The Female Collective, based in LA, was established as a movement to uplift and empower women, check out their range!

2. Elizabeth Ilsley – Hand Painted Custom Jackets

Elizabeth Ilsley Jacket

Elizabeth Ilsley, Email for Commissions

Ilsley’s provocative designs are aimed at “empowering women and getting rid of taboos“, which she evokes through  her hand painted art on jackets, boots and jeans. At just 21 years-old, Ilsley has commissioned for Slaves and her collection is set to grace Liberty of London.  Check out her collection here.

3. Feminist Apparel  – Activist Socks

Feminist Apparel Socks

Feminist Apparel, £9.10, US Size 6-10

Feminist Apparel have been combatting the stigma around feminism since launching in 2013 and they have taken smashing the patriarchy one *step* further by adding a feminist sock collection to their line. Now you can stay *grounded* in your feminist roots…


4. GRLCLB – Custom Stitched Tees 

GRLCLB Tees.jpg

GRLCLB.com, £15-£25, Size XS – XL

The GRLCLB collective hosts a blog with a shop of hand stitched tees with empowering and thought-provoking messages. The tees are single-handedly made by  #GRLBOSS Roobs who also takes commissions for designs. We love the current and meaningful feminist statements made with each top.

5. Denise Bidot- There Is No Wrong Way To Be A Woman Tee

Denise Bidot Tee

A Denise Bidot Brand,  $32.99, Size S-XXL

Plus size supermodel Denise Bidot launched the There Is No Wrong Way To Be A Woman campaign to encourage women to feel confident and comfortable in their own skin, irrespective of the restrictive beauty standards imposed on us. We love the authentically diverse ad campaign used for the collection. About time! See it all here www.thereisnowrongwaytobeawoman.com

7. Modern Women – Feminist Art Tote

SFG Feminist Tote.png

Modern Women, $15

LA designer and artist Sarah Faith Gottesdiener established the pro-art, pro-feminist brand Modern Women which promotes intersectional feminist messages on totes, tees and prints. Now you can shop with feminist style with this statement tote!

8. I Don’t Want To Be A Princess – Tee


I Don’t Want To Be  A Princess, $24.99, S-XXL

The mission behind the I Don’t Want To Be A Princess movement is much needed. Girls are reinforced with pink, frilly messages that they will grow up to be a princess, with the silent ladylike behaviour that goes with it. This movement launched t-shirts for girls and women with an alternative; the tees make statements such as ‘Fierce’ and ‘Confident’, providing girls with a broader and more empowering outlook of who they can aspire to be.

10. Love From Hetty & Dave – Frida Kahlo Necklace 

Hetty Necklace.jpg

Love From Hetty & Dave, £20

Pay homage to the ultimate feminist artist, Frida Kahlo, with this handmade leather necklace. What better way to demonstrate your feminism than by having Frida dangling around your neck? We love the matching earrings and brooch too!


We have launched a CrowdFunder page so you can now support our mission of sustaining positive social change through fashion here –> http://www.crowdfunder.co.uk/ProjectFEM “One bee can’t frighten an elephant, but a swarm of bees can kill it”. Let’s unite and make the difference we need to see in the world!


Author: Holly C x

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