Founded by Holly Charlotte Campbell in 2016, F:EM inspires women and girls to live as self aware, confident and empowered individuals. 

We’re seeing great change in the way women and feminism are perceived in society. Old hierarchical structures are steadily moving and both the functions and symptoms of patriarchy and capitalism are increasingly exposed. We’re rallying together, we’re conscious and we’re no longer tolerating the oppressive and limiting ways these systems once entrapped us in.

In this time of change, we have the opportunity to create more empowered and liberating futures for ourselves.

We deserve more than an environment-depleting fast fashion system and self-esteem-bashing social media platforms. For too long these systems have plugged into our psyches and told us we’re not good enough, pitted us in competition with one another and placed us on a perpetual treadmill of searching outside ourselves for satisfaction. 

Through conversation on current topics within women’s culture, F:EM raises awareness and connects you with other women sharing the same thought.  






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