Founded in 2016, ProjectFEM unites feminism and fashion to create an empowering fashion culture. Built on genuine diversity, effective sustainability and autonomous creativity, ProjectFEM uses fashion to inspire women and girls to live as self aware, confident and empowered individuals. 

A fashion system dominated by patriarchal and capitalist value systems has contributed to detrimental ideals imposed on women. This has negatively stunted the healthy development of self-esteem and body image and has marginalised particular groups and cultures.

The reinforced message projected by the catwalks is that if you are not young, thin, tall and white then you are not beautiful. This is wrong. Only a tiny minority of women actually come close to this unattainable ideal, meaning the unrepresented majority are marginalised, often feeling inadequate or in some way deficient.

This historical function of the fashion machine has operated to breed a society of self-doubting, body conscious women in a divisive culture where perpetual consumption is placed to pacify us on a perpetual treadmill of dissatisfaction.

We deserve more than an environment-depleting fast fashion system and self-esteem-bashing social media platforms. For too long these systems have plugged into our psyches and told us we’re not good enough, pitted us in competition with one another and kept us searching outside ourselves for satisfaction. 

The answer? Redefining beauty away from an abstract and changeable illusion of perfectionism and creating unity and collaboration for genuine satisfaction.

As the old and outdated hierarchical power structures of patriarchy and capitalism become increasingly exposed, women are rallying together, no longer tolerating the oppressive and limiting ways these control systems once entrapped us in.

ProjectFEM practices a fashion culture grounded in feminist principles and ethics, illuminating and removing the detrimental aspects of the commercial fashion system and building anew from positive, empowering features that genuinely champion women and allow for true autonomy and creativity.

This time of change brings the golden opportunity to build new liberating practices.

How ProjectFEM works:


Featuring articles that raise discussion and open conversation on creating a new fashion system. Covering women, gender, sustainability, social media and commentary on current fashion.

Promoting designers and labels that practice how fashion can positively benefit people. Including, those with sustainable or charitable supply models, supporting women and positive social change and placing the autonomous human at the centre.


In 2016 ProjectFEM hosted a Feminist Fashion Catwalk and Exhibition, showing exactly how an inclusive and empowering fashion culture looks. We showcased labels encompassing our values of ethics, sustainability, feminism and positive social change – illuminating the detrimental negative ideals of the fashion industry  and building a space that women can enjoy authentically.

We cast models representative of actual society who expressed their identities and voices. Upholding authenticity and respect, models only adorned looks that were natural and comfortable to them.

Guests included pro-trans and body positive NY and London Fashion Week models and speeches were given by The Women’s Equality Party.

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