Meet the Feminista’s!


Holly Campbell, London UK


“My mission is to revolutionise the fashion system for women to authentically enjoy fashion, outside of its oppressive patriarchal traditions, leading to change in wider popular culture.”




Annie Hitchman, London, UK 

Digital Contributor and Project Volunteer

“I want to network with innovative people of my generation to transition the way we see beauty within ourselves, counteracting negative body image and stereotyping.”

13407325_10206429724043544_4906112380182540142_n      Nasim Salad, London, UK

Article Contributor

“I have an interest in politics, history and fashion! My favourite designer is probably Alexander McQueen, simply due to the historical context he incorporates into his shows. This project is exciting to be involved in as it explores fashion beyond what we see in the glossy fashion pages.”

Bella Sloane Nevada, US

Article Contributor

“The fashion industry has long been both a shamed and exploitative form of art, and I want to see fashion that is both beautiful and healthy for humans and the world because I think that would make an incredible amount of difference.”